Avant Garde Advisor


Sumit Pasricha (CA)

For the past two decades, Mr.Pasricha has been leading the Financial services in multinational companies. In 2021 he set up Avant Garde Advisorswith the vision of providing bespoke solutions with special emphasis on Project Finance, M&A, Working Capital optimisation, Venture Capital, Private Debt for both Conventional companies as well as Fintech’s. He also represents disruptive clean energy / recycling companies for the Middle East helping them to roll out their industry leading solutions  in the region. 

Mr.Pasricha’s business profile has been enriched from building products, solutions and strategies dedicated to generating revenue and profits for multimillion-dollar portfolios for large multinational banks. Besides his expertise in Trade, Corporate and Sustainable Finance, Global Markets, Business Development, Relationship Management , Islamic Banking, and other Finance and Regulatory areas, he proved his skills as a natural leader, having managed several teams across the globe during his assignments and also helped transform them into future leaders by his coaching and mentoring skills.

As an innovative financial services industry expert, Mr. Pasricha has held many leadership roles worldwide. Before forming his Consultancy Practice, he held various Head/Director positions at leading financial institutions such as BNP Paribas  and HSBC. One of the key focus areas for various stakeholders of businesses currently is Sustainability, in which Fintech (technology) is a key enabler, Mr.Pasricha, incubates presently, accelerates, and helps Fintech’s from the West expand their business across the MENA and wider Asia region. He has been actively engaged at all stages of Fintech’s, including facilitating the raising of seed capital and subsequently growth capital from leading Regional and International Venture Capital firms, building a long-term sustainable environment. Also, he actively advises Corporates to put in place their key sustainability policies, targets, and milestones and facilitate the financing of these projects with Green finance.  

He is a Chartered Accountant (ICAI) by profession and holds a Master of Science (Financial Services) from the University of Manchester. However, Mr.Pasricha believes in continued life learning, and he is very keen to improve and acquire new skillsets. Therefore, he has recently completed certifications in Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies from the University of California, Berkely, and Sustainable Finance from the University of Cambridge, Institute of Sustainability Leadership. Moreover, Mr.Pasricha is currently pursuing a Fintech certification from Harvard University. In a very dynamic business environment, his learning hunger enables him to utilise new global trends for further business growth and transformation.